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For one semester, I am studying abroad at Charles Darwin University. This is a time for personal growth and discover new found loves through culture, environment and people! Join and follow me through this experience of a lifetime.

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Love to learn

The work begins...

I have successfully settled in and started my first week at uni (university)! I will purposely start writing as if I am a typical Australian who shortens words and confuses you with phrases haha. Though I have barely been here for just over two weeks, my anxiety is diminishing and my love for this place is evolving. Change begins exciting yet uncomfortable for me but as I get a routine and become familiar with everything that is new, I find peace. Change is a beautiful thing that we often let control us through fear but I love the challenge. By opening closed doors, discovering new worlds and expanding your comfort zone, your opportunities to learn about the world and yourself are inevitable.

This week included many trips to the pool and a few nights out clubbing. I enjoy the lively environment at the clubs and bars drinking and yes it's true, Aussies do love their alchie (alcohol). My friends and I all go out in big groups because we love to dance and meet other people while we always look after one another. The night usually starts with pre-drinks in our game room then we bus it down to the 'strip' where all the clubs are downtown. The night typically ends with us all pitching in for a cab and doing a late night pool party. It's always 80 degrees + no matter what time of the day it is so the pool is always the move. Thursday was ladies night at the club so I'm sure you know what that consisted of ;) Just a few half naked dancing men and cheap drinks! No matter the day of the week, you can always find someone who wants to go party but I got my priorities straight with school so I don't give myself that much freedom.

I love myself for pushing myself to get here. It was not easy and still isn't but I am growing and I love to notice that within me. I often feel loneliness but am taking that to find solitude and comfort within that time of aloneness. My independence and self-determination strengthen through being alone. I am learning to turn every "negative" emotion or experience into a time for growth or a chance to learn. 

So through this time, school is kicking in and I will try to keep these weekly updates interesting but real. And yes the sky is really this gorgeous morning and night. Cheers mate (thank you) for wanting to read about my experience and hope you enjoy this beautiful day of life we are given. 

Making the most of everyday

Work hard, Play harder

This weekend my friends and I went out and watched a female AFL (Australian rule Football League) game; it appeared to be a mix of soccer, rugby and football. AFL is intensively watched across Australia, like American NFL or NBA is. It is played on a soccer-like field with 4 post on both end zones (showed in the picture). Each team racks up points by kicking it in between the post. The inner middle post are worth 6 points and the outer post are worth 1 point. After cheering for our girl Tess' team, we headed home and took part in Karaoke night. Let me tell you, listening to foreigners try and sing/rap American songs is quite entertaining! But Westerner's trying to sing Chinese was quite a laugh for them. We all learned that some of us are tone deaf and some of us have hidden musical talents, but either way the night was full of laughs and of course, drinks. Though we did not go to any clubs this weekend, we had a relaxing weekend playing board games, studying by the pool and enjoying the sunshine.


Bike Ride to Nightcliff

Nightcliff is a popular suburb in Darwin and is not far from Campus. Nightcliff consist of weekly markets, beach's for swimming and a jetty for fishing. It's a cute little area of town that's right on the water which give the surrounding houses a beautiful view. 5 of us took a bike ride to Nighcliff's after a storm (the weather is perfectly cooled after it rains). Riding a bike between palm trees and along the beach side is something out of a dream. It was a great way to stay active and discover more parts of Darwin.

Daddys Birthday

March 7th was my daddys 55th birthday so of course I had to dedicate a slot for him. Not a day goes by where he doesn't cross my mind and on special days like these, he is even more apparent. It's hard for anything to distract me or take my mind off him but I find peace in that. I love to meditate on love and though my heart was blue, I felt his love flowing through my veins that night. He makes it noticeable to me that he is still here and theres nothing more I could wish for. I'm blessed for this spiritual connection I have with him and wish I could have visited his grave today like we do for all his birthdays but this will have to do. Happy 55th birthday daddy, I know you know how much I love you.



I obviously had to throw in a nature picture because I am still in awe every night. The sun rays really do something for your soul, your skin and your mood. Despite the rays beneficiaries, the beauty it beholds.. it's all picture perfect.

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Sundays are
for pizza




It's me again

Earth Hour and Markets

Darwin itself is a free spirited and spiritual city due to its indigenous background and native lands. This weekend we celebrated the grounds we walk on and turned off all electricity for an hour. Earth hour is acknowledged world wide and I remember taking part in it last year in Arizona. On top of turning off our electricity, a group of us got together on a grass field, layed out yoga mats and sat out under the stars. Johnathan brought his guitar and we all sang acoustic songs around our solar powered lights. A night under the stars with all my friends was way better than any club we could have gone to. I'd say a Saturday well spent :) After that lovely night, Muriel, Tess and I went out to the Sunday Markets at Rapid Creek. The sunshine was beaming and the fruits were ripe! Since Darwin is so close to Asia, Asian cultures are significantly apparent here which means new kinds of food for me to try! Nevertheless, another wonderful weekend here in Australia. Now its another week of grinding and preparing for midterms as we approach Easter Break... meaning just a few more days till mama is here with me!!!

Easter Break ft. mum!!!

Living My Best Life

As I go into my last month of living in Australia, each moment is becoming so precious. I'm dwelling in everyday surrounding myself with my friends or just sitting outside to take in the view. This also means that school is coming to an end so my assignments are stacking up and I'm beginning to prepare for finals. Nevertheless, my friends never cease to forget that life is short and our bottles are tall. Another successful ladies night out with cocktails served in fish bowls, that are bigger than our faces. I've been taking time to enjoy the city, the beaches, the restaurants and the locals. There is nothing like the Aboriginals in the U.S. and it's such a unique experience seeing those live off the land, first hand. I have had my fair share of struggles in being so deeply rooted into the variants of cultures but it has opened my mind to the diverse lifestyles that we each have. During this past week, I've seen 'Infinity War', gone to Darwins Arcade warehouse, had long under-the-influence conversations, visited with Roxy the service dog, attended the Seabreeze Festival at Nightcliff and went to Darwins famous waterfront wave pool.. and of course, many trips to the library. 
THE DRY SEASON IS HERE! For Darwin, they have two seasons, wet and dry. Now that were in the dry, the humidity has almost disappeared completely and I probably won't see any rain for the rest of my time here. Australia is approaching winter so it is beginning to get chillier, dropping to 70-80ºF, but 'she'll be right' (it'll be okay). Been feeling extremely thankful for this opportunity abroad, my beautiful and sweet friends and the chance to learn so much about myself. Only thing I've been missing this whole time is my puppy, Hailey. Dog cuddles and morning runs with her are what I cannot wait to do again. But before I go home, I will make my way to Southeast Asia to travel around Indonesia with a few friends. Thankful to have friends with the same travel bug as me :)

Colorful Boat Ride

Indonesia, Bali


There is nothing like Indonesia... This country was beautifully captive to their religion of Hinduism and Buddhism. We were able to witness huge monuments of their God's (120m) and walked through multiple temples. Each religious building is handcrafted and carved with delicate detail. Third temples held musical and meditative practices while every morning the community would lay out offerings.

Apart from the religious practices, the three of us girls (Caroline, Annie and I) got to travel around the island via car then went island hopping to Penida where we went snorkeling and saw mantarays! The beautiful cliffs and icy blue water was at Penida

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